McCormick Hall 101

4:30–6:00 PMKeynote
Johanna Drucker (UCLA)
Other Others

Aaron Burr 219

8:45–9:00 AMOpening Remarks
Sarah Chihaya, Joshua Kotin, and Kinohi Nishikawa (Princeton University)
9:00–10:45 AMPanel 1
Rachel Greenwald Smith (Saint Louis University)
Authoritarianism and Contemporary Literary Form
Theodore Martin (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
Critical Distance and Contemporary Literature
Sarah L. Wasserman (University of Delaware)
We Have Never Been Post-Post Modern
Respondent: Amy Hungerford (Yale University)
11:15 AM–1:00 PMPanel 2
Mitchum Huehls (UCLA)
How Should a Person Be?: Genre and Generality in Contemporary “Memoir”
Michael Robbins (Montclair State University)
Equipment for Sinking
Namwali Serpell (UC Berkeley)
Word of the Year
Respondent: Michael Clune (Case Western Reserve University)
2:15–4:00 PMPanel 3
Ed Finn (Arizona State University)
The Black Box of the Present: Computational Time in the Age of the Algorithm
Matthew Hart (Columbia University)
Extraterritorial: A Political Geography of Contemporary Culture
Avery Slater (University of Texas, Austin)
The Metalyric: Contemporary Transits of the Archive
Respondent: Alexander Galloway (New York University)
4:30–6:00 PMPanel 4
David Alworth (Harvard University)
The Contemporary Art Novel
Leigh Claire La Berge (Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY)
Wages Against Artwork: The Social Practice of Decommodification
Genevieve Yue (The New School)
Contemporary Art Is Hard to See: Visibility and the Phototechnical Image
Respondent: Stephen Best (UC Berkeley)

Aaron Burr 219

9:00–10:45 AMPanel 5
Emily Hyde (Rowan University)
Photography, Fiction, and Seeing the Future
Madeleine Monson-Rosen (Loyola University Maryland)
“We’re Not Programmed, We’re People”: Posthuman Tech Meets Post-Racial Irony in
Moon and Metropolis: Suite I
Sunny Xiang (Yale University)
The Chindian Imaginary: The Contemporary Self-Help Novels of Tash Aw and Mohsin Hamid
Respondent: Kate Marshall (University of Notre Dame)
11:15 AM–1:00 PMPanel 6
Merve Emre (McGill University)
Reading for Action
Uri McMillan (UCLA)
Sensing Grace Jones and Other Sensuous Acts of Knowing
Damon Young (UC Berkeley)
After the “Private Self”: Media, Sexuality and the Symptom in the Twenty-First Century
Respondent: Keston Sutherland (University of Sussex)
2:15–4:00 PMRoundtable
Tracy K. Smith (Princeton University)
Richard Jean So (University of Chicago)
Juliana Spahr & Stephanie Young (Mills College)

More Thoughts on the Mainly White Room of Contemporary U.S. Literature
4:00–5:30 PMReception

A Conference at Princeton University, March 3-5, 2016